5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Pedicure

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Pedicure

It seems everywhere you look these days nail salons are popping up everywhere and people of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds are enjoying a relaxing pedicure. This simple treat for our feet not only feels amazing, but it can have so many benefits to our self-confidence and health, so it’s a wonder that more of us aren’t indulging in them.

Although it would be ideal to get regular pedicures, the cost can add up over time, so there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to a little home pampering and learn how to give yourself a pedicure just like a professional. Best of all, you won’t be exposed to any of the nasty germs that lurk around in nail salons and will be able to perfect a nail look for your feet that’s right for you.

The Difference Between A Manicure and A Pedicure
Many people don’t realise that a manicure and pedicure usually consists of quite different things, and these foot treatments are actually a lot more detailed than a simple manicure. When you get your feet done at a salon or do it yourself at home, these are a few things you’ll be doing:

  • Polishing
  • Clipping and filing
  • Exfoliating
  • Scrubbing
  • Soaking
  • Massage
  • Moisturiser

When compared to a manicure that focuses mainly on the actual nail itself, the pedicure is more focused on the entire foot. Although the nail does get some attention with the removal of nail polish, clipping, filing, and new polish applied, most of the pedicure is centered on getting the skin looking fresh and feeling good.

How to Do A Pedicure At Home
Whether you've never had a pedicure before or you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year at the nail salon, it’s never been easier to do your own pedicure at home. There are now quality nail care products available that allow you to recreate the professional salon experience and they’re affordable enough to last for years. Here are the steps to follow to give yourself an indulgent and restorative treatment so you can learn how to do a pedicure at home.

  1. Using a gentle polish remover and cotton wool pads, remove all of the existing nail polish from your feet.
  2. Buff your feet while they’re dry and use a coarse grit file or exfoliator to remove all of the dead skin on your feet. For extra tough skin, consider purchasing a scraper which can help to remove stubborn old skin.
  3. Fill up a bucket or tub with warm, soapy water and soak your feet for a minimum of 10 minutes, allowing them to get soft and clean.
  4. Massage your feet with an exfoliating scrub that can help to remove any excess skin that wasn’t picked up by your previous buffing session.
  5. Dry your feet and then use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back. Flip it around and clean out the dirt buildup from under your nails with the cleaning end.
  6. Take a pair of quality nail clippers and clip a straight line across.
  7. Use your nail file to gently file down the rest of the nail to shape, and then buff the tops of your toenails for a healthier look.
  8. Apply a rich and creamy moisturiser once done and rest your feet somewhere that will allow it to soak into the skin.
  9. After some time, wipe away the lotion from your toenails and apply your color of choice or leave them for a nude look. Leave your toenails to dry so that they don’t smudge or chip when you put your shoes back on.

The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Pedicure
If paying a little attention to your feet is the last thing on your mind, we’ve found a few reasons why you need to start giving them some loving today. Here are five reasons to stop neglecting your pedicure and treating your feet the way they deserve.

  • Health - think about just how grimy, sweaty and dirty our feet can get all the way down there and you’ll realise why it’s important to give them some attention. Regular pedicures done at home can keep them clean, reduce your risk of bacterial or fungal infections, and help prevent ingrown toenails from occurring.
  • Comfort - having blistered feet, cracked heels, and long toenails in your shoes all day will make for a very uncomfortable situation, so spending just a little time improving your feet will make your life a lot more enjoyable.
  • Style - there’s nothing worse than looking down and seeing someone with unappealing feet, whether their nail polish is half chipped off or they have dirty and calloused heels. People pay more attention to our feet than we might realise, so it’s essential to be groomed and well presented at all times.
  • Relaxation - spending a bit of time each week giving yourself a pedicure, clipping your toenails, filing your feet, and exfoliating dead skin is the perfect chance to unwind and take some time out for yourself.
  • Self Love - not only is it great for your self-confidence to have a freshly pedicured foot on show, but it’s also important to spend time doing things for yourself. It might sound simple, but spending just 20 minutes out of your week devoted to doing something nice for yourself can have a huge impact on how you feel.

Putting Your Feet First
Considering how much work our feet go through each day and the amount of dirt and debris they come into contact with, it’s no wonder that more of us aren’t devoting some time each week to doing our own pedicures. With more salon quality nail products now available than ever and plenty of pedicure tips to get you through, there’s really no excuse not to invest in a few and treat yourself
every so often to a relaxing home pedicure.

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