Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Manicures

Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Manicures

When you hear the word manicure your mind usually jumps to a group of women in a day spa
having their nails painted red, but this stereotype seems to be making its way out these days. The
male manicure is now more popular than ever and has completely changed the way we look at nail
care, with men around the world sitting up and taking notice of their nail care.
Where once the thought of men getting manicures and taking care of their nails was taboo, we now
see it as an important part of everyday grooming and hygiene. There are countless benefits to be
found for men who take care of their nails, and there’s no need to visit a day spa or beauty salon
just to get a manicure for guys.

Is the Male Manicure Taboo?
There once was a time where the mere thought of seeing a man at a nail salon or even trimming
back his own nails would have been a shock. When men were a lot more rugged and there was no
pressure for them to look good, it was usually overlooked if they had dirty or unkempt nails. These
days, though, men’s grooming is equally as important as it is for females, and with good reason.
Statistics have shown that men’s grooming has seen a boom of over 300% in the last 10 years with
men’s beauty and grooming products more popular than ever. This increase in sales shows that the
modern male now understands the importance of taking care of one’s appearance and improving
their hygiene.
No longer is the manicure considered something that just women do, as there are thousands of
men who take regular care of their nails as well. As an added bonus, it’s now more common for
men and women to do their own manicures at home and save the hassle of visiting a salon and
paying for the service, so the increase in men’s manicures is even more impressive.

Why Should Men Care About Their Nails?
So, what is it about the manicure that makes it such an essential beauty routine for both sexes?
When you think about how often you use your hands each day, the germs and grime they come into
contact with, and how often they’re on display at work, socializing, and general everyday
conversation, it’s a wonder why we didn’t start paying them more attention sooner.
There’s no need for men to go as far as women when giving themselves a manicure, as most men
could probably skip the nail polish stage, but simple steps such as trimming and filing your nails and
removing excess skin and ingrown nails can make the world of difference in your appearance and

Regardless of our gender, if we don’t keep our hands clean and our nails trimmed short, there can
be the potential for bacteria and germs to cause havoc. Everything from pinworms to fungi can
spread with unkempt nails, so not only is it important for looking good but it has a dramatic effect
on health and hygiene too.

Men’s Manicure Tips and Tricks
If you’re thinking of giving manicures a go and want to do it at home, there are a few simple tips
you can use to make the process easier. After a few tries, you’ll be an expert at doing your own
male manicure and there’ll be no need to spend any time or money at the local nail salon.
 Try to time your manicures for when you’ve just emerged from the shower. The water will
help to keep your hands supple and make it easier to work with them, without having to
spend time soaking them.
 Always use a glass nail file when you’re shaping your nails as they’re less likely to cause
breakages. A simple rounded shape is the most common for male’s manicures and the least
 When trimming your nail, position your nail clippers on the top and trim a straight line. This
will help to prevent any ingrown nails and will make it easier to shape off the edges without
putting in too much work.
 If you’re prone to biting or picking your nails, you can apply something after your manicure
to help prevent it. Something as simple as a bit of coconut oil rubbed into the nail bed and
surrounding skin can help keep it moisturized and also prevent you from subconsciously
nibbling away during the day.
 There’s no need to use clear polish at the end of a manicure, but if you’re looking for
something to help strengthen your nails then there are a few options available. Once you’ve
applied, dip your nails into ice cold water to help it dry quickly.

A Health Regime for All Sexes
Gone are the days when women were the only ones who could benefit from well looked after nails,
as the male manicure continues to grow in popularity. Having your nails trimmed and clean at all
times is essential for the first impression you make and shows the world that you care about
hygiene and personal presentation.
With a few simple accessories, you can give yourself a weekly manicure at home, and it’s as simple
as spending a few minutes after your Sunday shower to complete the full treatment. There’s no
need to go as in-depth as they would at a nail salon, but if you’re feeling like some extra attention is
required then you can add exfoliants or polish to help them grow.
Once you’ve spent some time walking around with manicured nails, you’ll realize just how much
attention your nails get in an average day, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start to care for them
sooner. Nail care is an essential part of a man’s grooming process and one that will have instant and
obvious benefits for you.

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