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DIY Acrylic Nail Recovery!

If you are curious to know our comparison of “Natural Nails vs. Acrylic Nails” click here to read our post from a little while back. In it, we weigh the pros and cons of natural nails and acrylic nails. We acknowledge the popularity of acrylic nails but in the end, we thought the clear winner was the natural nail. It’s easier to maintain, affordable to take care of, and you can be just as creative with your natural nail without sacrificing its health! A total win-win, if you ask us!

In the same way your hair can be damaged by too much heat and chemicals and your skin can be damaged from too much sun-exposure, your nail health can be compromised by acrylic nails. Too much of a seemingly good thing can result in over-processed nails. While nails are meant to be flexible, oftentimes, the drilling and filing of the natural nail results in a thinner nail bed, which leads to flaking and chipping. When applying acrylic nails, you are essentially “sealing” your natural nail underneath a layer of plastic. This diminishes your nails’ ability to “breath in” moisture which leaves them in a more dry and brittle state! So, what to do?

If you’ve been an acrylic nail devotee but are now convinced, like us, that the natural nail is the way to go, here’s what we recommend to get your nails on the quickest DIY road to recovery:

1.) Soak Your Nails

Soak cotton balls in acetone and use aluminum foil to secure them onto your nails. Soak for at least ten minutes, until the acrylic softens. Use the Malva Belle Cuticle Pusher to gently remove the acrylic from your nails. Never “rip” the nail off. If it doesn’t peel off right away with the cuticle pusher, allow it to soak for a few more minutes until it does! Patience is key, here!

2.) Give your nails a break!

Let your natural nail breath! Because your nails are in a compromised state, the tips of your nails are more likely to splinter and flake if you let them continue to grow in their current state. Give your nails a fresh start by using this Malva Belle Nail Clipper to cut them short!

3.) Give yourself a manicure.

If you simply cannot wait for your nails to recover their length, give yourself a manicure. This will help keep your nails hard as they grow and keeps them from breaking. Use our cuticle pusher and one of our glass nails files for the perfect finishing touches. Before you know it, your nails will be as long as they are strong!

4.) Soak Your Nails

Yes, we’re including this twice! It’s SO important to always remove product from your nails properly. Repeat step #1 when removing your gel manicure.

As always, Malva Belle has all of the nail tools you need to keep your nails pretty and healthy right from your home! Click here to shop!

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