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Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Care

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Care

With society seemingly obsessed with eyebrows in recent years, and a huge focus on having the perfect shape of brow for your face, more and more people are eager to learn about eyebrow care. From brushing to plucking, there’s quite a bit to do in order to maintain your eyebrows and ensure that they’re framing the rest of your face perfectly.

Eyebrow care doesn’t need to be hard work, though, and with some regular maintenance, you’ll see such huge benefits in your overall appearance. Both men and women should be spending some time each week grooming their eyebrows in order to look good, and thankfully it’s easy enough to learn how to do eyebrows at home.

How Can You Take Care Of Your Eyebrows

Taking care of your eyebrows can mean a number of different things, and it can also depend on the end goal you want for the shape and style of yours. As these hairs can grow slightly unruly and they’re situated at such a focal point of our face sitting right above our eyes, they need to be given attention each week to ensure they’re looking their best.

Plucking eyebrows.

There are a few different ways that people take care of their eyebrows, so depending on the goals you have for yours there might be a few things you can try. Here are some popular methods of brow care:


This is the easiest and most effective way to keep on top of eyebrows hairs, and even when you use another method like waxing you’ll still need to pluck as well to get stray hairs and help to remove ingrown ones.


This can be somewhat painful but is effective for removing large quantities of eyebrow hair at once. Hot wax is applied to the eyebrow region which is pulled off, removing hair with it, giving a smooth complexion.


Some people like to brush their eyebrows to keep them shaped, and you might even want to apply an eyebrow gel for during the day that puts them in place.


If your eyebrows are particularly unruly or you want them to be more uniform, you can slightly trim them. This should be done with care though as it’s easy to trim too much off at once.


Some people swear by moisturizing their eyebrows to promote growth. Coconut oil is a popular choice for a moisturizer that will have long-lasting effects.

The Different Shapes of Eyebrows

One of the best things about eyebrows is just how varied they are, and if you take a closer look at everyone you speak to within a day you’ll see just how many shapes and styles there are.

The best brow for your face can usually be determined by your facial shape as it can help to accentuate your best features. Here are a few popular shapes of eyebrows and who they might suit:

Softly Rounded

These brows aren’t too angular and look more natural and soft. They’re ideally suited to those with a square face as they can help to reduce the strong angles.

High Arch

The opposite is true of the high arched brow, as these are better suited to those with a round face. The high arch and angular nature of these brows can bring some more definition to your facial structure.

Slight Arch

Those with an oval face that’s already fairly symmetrical and balanced will find their brows work best with just a slight arch.


This is for those with a long face and it features a brow that extends well beyond the eye line where some other styles of brow typically stop.


If you have a heart-shaped face, it’s best to keep your brows groomed and not too bushy, regardless of what the current style trends are saying.

How To Properly Do Your Eyebrows

If you’ve been plucking away for years without any real thought or method to what you’re doing, it’s time to learn the right way to do it. After figuring out which style of brow suits you best, you can work at recreating it for yourself. All you need is a quality pair of eyebrow tweezers, an eyebrow brush, eyebrow pencil, and a mirror.

  • 1. Place your tweezers vertically along the edge of your nose and up to your eyebrow, making a note of where your eyebrow should start with your pencil.
  • 2. Now lay the tweezers against your cheek and at an angle so that you can find the end point of your brows, mark this spot again with the pencil.
  • ​3. Find the fullest part of your brow and move down to where the hairs are slightly less, and draw a line to mark out the natural shape of your brow.
  • ​4. Grab each strand one at a time with your tweezers and pull them out by the root. Every few plucks you should clear away your tweezers and get rid of any loose brows on your face.
  • 5. Once done, brush your brows upwards and outwards to get their natural shape, and make any last minute plucks or adjustments that you think they need.

An Important Facial Feature

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then our eyebrows are just as important. Once you start noticing all of the brows around you, you’ll see just how important it is to take care of yours. The first step is finding the right shape for your face and working with your brows to try and create it.

Woman smiling.

Be patient when working with your eyebrows as they can take time to grow. Any slight mishap can completely alter the look of them so try not to rush and always use a quality pair of eyebrow tweezers when working on them. After just a few months you should see a huge improvement in not only your brows but the entire shape of your face.

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