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What Your Nail Care Says About You!

We always say that every piece of the Malva Belle girl’s life is pretty and polished and painted in pastel. The difference between moderate and luxury is in the details. And you can tell! By her perfectly manicured nails, she pays attention to the littlest of details!

The color, length, and overall care of your nails are one of the top physical characteristics people notice when they meet you. Appearances do matter, and the Malva Belle girl always wants to present her prettiest self!

How you present yourself to the public communicates the type of girl you are. A girl who takes the time to manicure her nails is the type of girl who is more likely to ensure that the things that surround her are pretty and polished, as well! She’s the girl whose finishing touch is always polished – from her nails and wardrobe, to her lifestyle and work!

Here’s the Malva Belle Nail Care Routine!

1.) Start off with pushing back your cuticles with the Malva Belle Cuticle Pusher. If you don’t have Cuticle Cream or Cuticle Oil, soak the tips of your fingers in warm water for two minutes. Pushing your cuticles back is the first step to healthy nails!

2.) Using a Malva Belle Crystal Nail File, give shape to your nails. With any nail file, our tendency is to saw back and forth. What many don’t realize, however, is that when filing back and forth with a traditional nail file, you’re actually shredding the edge of your nail! Crystal nail files, however, were designed to be able to be used in a back and forth motion, leaving the edges of your nails smooth and sealed!

3.) Buffing your natural nails brings out that naturally healthy shine. Made with a 400/4000 grit, The Malva Belle Buffer removes ridges and smooths the nail surface, leaving a shine without even needing polish! First, create the shine by evening things out with using the green side (400 grit) of the buffer. Then, use the white side (4000 grit) in a back and forth motion to truly bring out that shine!

At Malva Belle, we truly believe luxury is in the details, and a Malva Belle girl is noticed by her nails! Click here to purchase nail care tools that will leave you saying, “Nailed it!”

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