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Malva Belle Best Glass Foot File

  • GET SOFT, SALON-SMOOTH FEET AT HOME – This cute glass foot file is the professional tool you need to remove the ugly, rough skin on your feet. Eliminate the cost of expensive spa treatments and pamper your feet with a professional pedicure at home. Includes a stylish velvet pouch for protection and travelling.
  • MADE WITH LONG-LASTING TEMPERED GLASS – This big peditric foot rasp is made from tempered crystal glass that is so durable, it will last you for years. All you need to do is rinse it under water to keep it clean. Goodbye harsh metal skin files, hello effortless elegance!
  • DRY SKIN, CALLUS & CORN REMOVER – Forget hiding embarrassing foot calluses and corns, this salon-quality pedi removal tool is the best way to get rid of rough areas and foot conditions so you can rock those flip-flops and sandals, and be proud to show off your professionally pampered feet!
  • GIFT SOMEONE SPECIAL WITH MALVA BELLE – If you’ve got a friend or loved one that enjoys spa treatments, then this stylish foot file will make the best gift! Treat the women in your life to the feeling of confidence that comes with having beautifully soft, natural and smooth feet with not a callus in sight!
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AS A PRIORITY – At Malva Belle, we are extremely proud of the superior quality of our products. Each one of our beauty tools are designed to be highly effective, and we ensure that they are built to last. Our promise to you: Your foot file will be just as effective on the 100th time as it was on the first.


The professional pedicure tool that gives you salon-smooth feet at home

Aren’t you so much more confident when you have beautiful, super smooth feet? Us too! That’s why we created this salon-quality glass foot file so you can get rid of those nasty calluses and rough skin areas like the professionals! Made from durable tempered glass that will last for years, you can be confident that when you invest in Malva Belle, you’ve got the highest quality foot file on the market. Includes a stylish velvet pouch protector that’s ideal for popping in your bag or purse!


We are proud to provide our customers with high-quality beauty tools that are cute and feminine in design, and come in a range of beautiful pastel colors. Well-maintained hands and feet are our passion, which is why we’ve created a range of incredibly effective tools that ensure you can give yourself the perfect manicure and pedicure at home. We love our community of women and go out of our way to make sure that, once you experience Malva Belle, you’ll never go back.


In our mini pedicure tutorial, we’ll show you how to prepare your feet and work on tough areas like dry skin, calluses and corns.

What you need: Glass Foot File

  • Step 1 – Wash your feet so they’re clean and slightly softened. Dry them off with a towel and keep it underneath your feet while you pamper them.
  • Step 2 – Take your Malva Belle foot file and work on each problem area one by one. Gently move the file back and forth over the area, applying a little firmness where necessary.
  • Step 3 – Once finished, rinse or wipe off any dead skin and apply moisturizer.

Now you’ve made your feet super soft and smooth, you’re ready to work on your toenails!


Once you’ve used your foot file to smooth the rough skin on your feet, just follow these simple steps to get elegant, salon-style toenails.

What you need: Clippers, Toenail Nippers, Nail File & Buffer

  • Step 1 – Cut your nails into the desired shape with Malva Belle Clippers. If your toenails are too thick or ingrown, use our super sharp nippers to cut out the unwanted nail matter with careful, small snips
  • Step 2 – Take your crystal nail file and file in either direction, from the side of the toenail to the tip, until you achieve the shape you want
  • Step 3 – Take your buffer and smooth your toenails with the green side, then polish each toenail with the white side in a gentle back and forth motion

It’s that easy! Soft, smooth, elegant-looking feet in just a few simple steps.

Now you know how to give yourself a professional pedicure at home!


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