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Malva Belle Crystal Glass Nail File And Buffer

  • GET SALON-STYLE SHAPE & SHINE AT HOME – Our beautiful glass nail file and buffer set for women is everything you need to achieve the kind of finished manicure and pedicure you’d expect from a professional. Shape and then shine them to perfection in just a few simple steps and get ready to show off your stunning new nails all over town!
  • A CRYSTAL NAIL FILE THAT’S BUILT TO LAST – Forget jagged edges and rough, sandpaper-like nail files that play havoc with the health of your nails. Our high-grade crystal nail file has finely-ridged edges that are permanently etched on both sides, meaning it never weakens over time. And unlike nail traditional files, all you need to do to keep it clean is run it under water. Comes with a cute white case that’s perfect for travel.
  • JAPANESE-QUALITY BUFFER FOR INSTANT SHINE – The double-sided nail buffer and polisher included in this set is made with high-grade EVA and PS materials, meaning it is more elastic, strong and comfortable when polishing your nails. And the super fine Japanesestandard grits (400/4000) make shining your nails quick and easy. Get long-lasting topcoat shine in just two simple steps! See below for instructions on how to use
  • GIFT HER THE MALVA BELLE EXPERIENCE – Do you have a female friend or loved one that deserves a bit of pampering? Then this super cute manicure and polisher kit is the perfect gift for her! Don’t we all feel that little bit more special when we have beautiful nails? Great for women with natural, fake, gel, acrylic, clear, gelish and shellac nails.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Malva Belle, we are extremely proud of our exceptional customer service and the superior quality of our products. Each one of our nail and beauty tools are designed to be highly effective, and we ensure that they are built to last. This is our promise to you: If your nail tool doesn’t feel as effective on the 100th time as it did on the first time, we will provide you with a full refund.


Discover the quick and easy way to make your nails look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon

Like us, we bet you feel amazing when your nails are looking fine! With this high-quality crystal nail file and buffer set you don’t need expensive trips to the spa or salon to get the best manicure. With a glass nail file so durable it will last you for years, and Japanese-quality buffer made for comfort and ultimate shine, you have everything you need to get beautiful nails at home.


We are proud to provide our customers with high-quality nail and beauty tools that are cute and feminine in design, and come in a range of beautiful pastel colors. Immaculate nails are our passion, which is why we created a range of incredibly effective tools that ensure the perfect shape and shine.


Made from high-quality crystal glass and with finely-ridged edges that never weaken, the nail file included in this set will be shaping your nails to perfection for years. Say goodbye to jagged edges, split nails and peeling! It also comes with a stylish white travel case so you never have to be without it when a nail emergency occurs.

How to use:

  • Step 1 – File like normal in either direction, from the side of the nail to the tip
  • Step 2 – Work on each nail until you achieve your desire shape – square or oval
  • Step 3 – You can use the tip of the file to easily clean under the fingernails

Now you’re perfectly shaped, you’re ready to shine…


Made from high-grade EVA and PS materials to make it stronger and more elastic, this Japanese-quality buffer with super fine grits makes it easy to polish your nails quickly and comfortably. Achieve a professional, brilliant shine that lasts for up to a week by following the steps below.

How to use:

  • Step 1 – Smooth your nails with the green side of your buffer, making them even
  • Step 2 – Polish each nail with the white side in a gentle back and forth motion

And that’s it! Perfect shape and super gloss shine in just a few simple steps.

Glass Nail File with Travel Case

Our professional crystal nail file in pastel mint with stylish travel case will give you smooth, salon-quality nails at home, or on the go. Built to last with durable, finely-rigged edges, you can shape and file your nails, then just rinse it clean under the tap. It’s the perfect tool to achieve magnificent manicures and makes a super cute gift for your female friend or loved one.

Precision Nail Clipper Set

Our super sharp, professional grade clippers make cutting your fingernails and toenails a breeze. With an ergonomic non-slip design in strong stainless steel and an easy-squeeze handle, you can avoid jagged nail edges and awkward cutting of your nails with scissors. Makes short work of thick toenails and helps you craft a great nail shape before filing.

Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaning Set

Our professional cuticle pusher and nail cleaner is a highly effective tool that helps you achieve long, beautiful-looking nails that are super healthy. Made from premium stainless steel and ergonomically designed to avoid any pain, this easy-to-use cuticle and dirt remover is an essential tool for your nail care collection. Comes in two handy sizes for home and travel!


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