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Malva Belle Slanted Precision Eyebrow Tweezers – Mint

  • Pain free expert tweezing and brow shaping
  • Sharp hand filed tip built to last a lifetime: the thin, durable tweezer tips are hand-filed to an ultra-precise edge
  • Ideal gift: the stainless steel metal of our tweezers is hard, smooth and bacteria resistant
  • Great for home & travel: the classic 3.9-Inch long design in a cute pastel pink non-slip coating easily tucks away in your purse or makeup bag



Tired of painful, messy waxing that can leave your brows uneven? Not willing to pay expensive salon prices? Now you can shape gorgeous eyebrows at home with the Malva Belle Precision Eyebrow Tweezers.

Plucking your eyebrows doesn’t have to hurt. Our tweezers have calibrated tension, which means the tips close easily and hold tight so there’s no more tugging at stubborn hairs. The sharp, hand-filed edges grab even the thinnest, shortest hairs so you can remove them in one swift, painless motion. The results are stunning!

Gentle, Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Malva Belle stainless-steel tweezers are nonporous, making them safe and hygienic. Plus, they’re super easy to clean — just rinse in water. You can even disinfect them as often as you like without wearing them down.

A Must-Have in Your First Aid Kit at Home & On the Go

These tweezers are a vital part of your beauty routine, but you’ll also want to keep a pair handy at home or when you travel for unexpected mishaps such as:

· Glass shards
· Wood splinters
· Pine needles, rose or cactus thorns
· Ticks, bee & wasp stingers
· Ingrown hairs

They’re the perfect size for the whole family to remove painful splinters with surgical precision — they’re safe to use on pet paws, too.

These are perfect to keep at home, the office, in your first aid kit, or for gifting.


We are proud to provide our customers with high-quality nail and beauty tools that are cute and feminine in design, and come in a range of beautiful pastel colors. Immaculate nails are our passion, which is why we created a range of incredibly effective tools that ensure the perfect shape and shine. We love our community of well-manicured women and make exceptional customer experience a priority as a sign of our gratitude.


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