Malva Belle Precision Nail Clipper Set |

Malva Belle Precision Nail Clipper Set

  • Extra sharp high quality clippers – clip efficiently and precisely through thick nails with minimum effort with the easy press lever handle
  • Ergonomic, sturdy and smooth construction
  • Versatile sizes – the small pocket size nail clipper is 2 inches long and is perfect for trimming small fingernails
  • Ideal women’s gift – these nail clipper sets have a slim design and come in a cute light pink nicely designed packaging making them great birthday or Christmas day gifts for her



Are you tired of nail clippers that tear your nails? That don’t clip cleanly because the blades do not meet?

Our super sharp, professional grade clippers make cutting your fingernails and toenails a breeze. With an ergonomic non-slip design in strong stainless steel and an easy-squeeze handle, you can avoid jagged nail edges and awkward cutting of your nails with scissors. Makes short work of thick toenails and helps you craft a great nail shape before filing.


– Clip easily and efficiently – a gentle squeeze is enough to get the job done
– Cuts cleanly every time – no tearing, chipping or peeling of nails
– No jagged edges – no need to use a nail file after using these nail clippers
– The blades are sharp and meet perfectly
– Round hole for keychain
– Very hefty, sturdy and sharp construction
– Made of durable stainless steel with a matte, non slippery finish
– The nail clippers has a stylish, sleek design
– Comes in a pretty pink packaging – perfect for gifting


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